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Vinyl/Essinglass - White deposits

rinkerboyrinkerboy UKPosts: 46Member ✭✭
What is the white/greyish deposits/patches that builds up on the Vinyl/Essinglass canopy windows.

One or two of mine are bad, where the previous owner neglected them. Tried the usual things like Pledge and some brands that suppose to be good and are not. Tried buffing with a small pad and afraid of using something thats too abrasive to make things any worse.

Is it Limescale or Salt...etc
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  • Michael TMichael T Posts: 6,384Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2016

    Some discoloration is temporary like when a rolled-up window that may have dew on it gets heated by the sun. That can stay foggy for a few hours. Fogginess can also be more permanent as a result of UVA/UVB sun aging. Sometimes this can be removed with various products. You can go to this forum's search box and try several cues. We have discussed this topic at length a number of times. If the color has turned yellow the window is probably beyond saving. If that is the case you may find that our resident canvas guru @01boattech is the guy to talk to.

    I think some of the guys used a product called flitz and there was a 3M product but I remember that some methods were a lot more successful than others and guys found that IF a window had to be replaced it could be cheaper and better to have the entire piece of canvas re-done.

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  • Black_DiamondBlack_Diamond Holland, MichiganPosts: 4,291Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Eisenglass is just clear PVC, which has very poor UV resistance. You can slow ot down with proper care, eventually you lose. Same problem on Jeeps. 

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  • Liberty44140Liberty44140 Bay Village & Marblehead, OH.Posts: 1,777Member ✭✭✭✭

    Have had had great success with this stuff to clean and protect my pvc canvas Windows. 
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