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 I  filled my freshwater tank yesterday. Now only very hot water is coming out of all of the faucets including the cockpit galley and bathroom. Also it is only sputtering out  with no consistent flow . Any ideas? 


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    Did you try running it for a few minutes? If your hooked up to shore water system the water in the hose and will get hot from the sun. It takes a couple of minutes to clear that and get cold water. If your using water from the fresh water tank the water if not real cold as it could only be a the outside temp. Hope this helps.
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    My marina has black pipe running under or along side of the dock. That water gets very hot, very fast. It has to be run for about 5 minutes to get the cool water.

    The flow issue could be the strainer needs filled. If the strainer is cracked, or loose, it will suck air and cause the sputtering/spitting of water.
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