My gal after all the work...

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    Nice Drew, I want a ride. Lets see the motor!!!
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    Looks great. How's she run?

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    I've got a few bugs, still... need a new belt... one I has is maxed on adjustment and loose.. need to tune carb bette . Need to adjust idle... need to adjust or lube shift cables. 

    It is scary fast.. it's touching 60 at WOT, and the prop my need to be swapped... right now I'm just staying off it, and adjusted the stop on the throttle cable to limit what it can do.  

    It sips fuel compared to the 4.3 that was constantly struggling at any engine speed range. The torque difference is really apparent at around 1200rpm, where the bow will jump if my trim isn't right. It's a crap shoot where my trim is with the gauge and or sender twitching out on me... it's a lot more enjoyable ride now, though. 
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    ........yeah, kind of what I have been saying for years, no?

    Bigger engine (correct one for mass and hull) will result in better fuel economy (often waaay better), easier achieving and sustaining of plane, better towing of toys and a LOT more fun.

    It really is dramatic to see when done on the same boat by the same owner or when compared using two almost identical boats in a side-to-side comparison..... like I posted earlier - a Rinker EC 350 with twin 377s v.s. a Rinker EC 350 with twin 496s or a Rinker EC 360 with twin 502s! ...... 'UGE difference, in EVERY aspect of performance!

    IMO there's the right engine for most boat models then a huge gap to several much poorer engine size choices and darn little in between.

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    Looks nice, ready for some water sports, with that tower, kids will love it.
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    Fine looking 212. Looks fresh. Like the extended platform.
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    thank you, halifax!!  it's been worked over dramatically this past four or five months... other than a couple goofs that are my own dang fault, it's in really good shape for an 11 year old salt water boat.. 

    the tower and bimini really set the lines off right... I've gotten nothing but compliments about it... I just wanted a fixed shade- the umbrella top is in my shed right now, in perfect condition, but I just never liked the looks of it... I doubt I ever pull a skier- but the sounds are really nice when I back into the beach (didn't today, got there late and was on really shallow side, and somebody else was already sounding off the tunes)... 

    that island has become too popular.. so... I went and found my own (with a bid who really knows the waters around here)... this is the one I'll be found at the rest of the season: 

    this is a the peak of high tide.... the water between me and the boats is no more than three inches deep- the stern was ten feet off the beach, and likely four feet deep... 
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    another shot from that second sand bar anchor... 
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    Dam fine looking boat!!
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    Looks great Drew!  Nice to see you finally enjoying her back in the water after all that you've done!

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    Very sharp looking ride. Best of luck....
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    Nice looking ride!  We just brought this one home a few weeks ago.  Should be a nice upgrade from our ol' 182.  Can't wait for summertime!
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    Nice looking boats!
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    Sweet! looks good 
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    Looks great.   Good luck. 
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