Outdrives will not raise.

I recently have purchased a 320 EC. It's still trailered. I lowered the outdrives to run the engines but, I can only get them to raise half the way back up. I'm sure that there must be some switch or operation that I'm missing. On the "throttle control" I can raise or lower both with a single switch on the port shifter. Likewise, there are individual rocker switches that control each unit separately. As I lower the units the hydronic pump makes the typical higher pitched sound once in the fully lowered position. When raising, once the drive is at half position it just stops. This happens when controlling the drives individually or together. I'd appreciate any help provided.


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    jfdeng5jfdeng5 Member Posts: 13
    There should be a "trailer" switch.  You should be able to find this in the owners manual.  It should be located close to the throttle somewhere, but not on the throttle.  This switch will raise it to the highest position.  The reason for two switches is damage could be done operating the boat in the up/trailered position.  Look down on the face of the helm somewhere.  Not familiar with your boat, but that is a typical spot.  Hope this helps......
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    TikiHut2TikiHut2 Member Posts: 1,431 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    My merc trailer sw is actually on the same rocker sw as the trim at the throttle handle head requiring a firmer push on the upper postion. There is a distinct detent that you must push through. It stumped me on our first haul out too. It might help to know what yr and engine type you have.

    Good luck with the new boat and welcome to the forum. Mike
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    trich11trich11 Member Posts: 108 ✭✭✭

    +1 on Tiki Hut. Run the drives up till they stop then rock the two switches forward again and they should go the rest of the way up.

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    Electrico_HombreElectrico_Hombre Member Posts: 9
    Thank you gentlemen! I was not pressing the toggle hard enough. It snaps forward to come up into trailer mode. Thanks again!
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    Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Member Posts: 281 admin
    Excellent advice, Michael T!
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