Seadek on the bow area?

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Anyone ever though about seadek on the bow area of the boat? Saw this picture and a show on Shapeship TV and I think it looks pretty cool.  Obviously this is not a Rinker cruiser, I also saw a 342 at my marina that has the radar arch painted orange to match the swimming platform, I think it looks different and nice, next time I go to the marina I will take a pic and share it.


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    Cool idea
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    Very Interesting!
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    I don't like it. Looks way to phony looking for me.
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    I saw this on a 270 FV on Yachtworld a couple of years ago.  It was brown seadeck.  I didn't like the look and thought it likely that the owner was trying to mask a problem with the bow deck.  Also, I think the brown will absorb more heat than the white nonskid and make the cabin hotter.  
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    Yes when I had my SeaDek designed we had two similar pads drawn for the bow area. It's a great idea. We left them out due to the added cost though. 

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