Keyswitch - Captiva 212 BR

HD2PctHD2Pct Member Posts: 13
Hi gang- I'm new to my boat. I had some light mechanical work done on it last week and when I went to take it out yesterday, I had a (mostly) dead battery. My key switch has a left-hand position (which likely activates some circuits though I don't know which), the off potion (where you need to go to remove the key), and then ignition and start to the right.

The mechanic had left my key in the switch turned to the left. I normally just keep it out altogether. Nothing was turned on up front, though (no blower, lights etc).

The generic Rinker manual I managed to locate has an electrical diagram but it really doesn't seem to cover that "left hand" position of that switch.

I'd trying to determine if leaving the key the way it was left could have contributed to the dead battery. This is more than an academic discussion 'cuz the same guys that worked on it want to charge me for a jumpstart (!)




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