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Is there a way to turn off the refrigerators? I have a 2004 312, I turned off the breaker labeled refrigerator in the main electrical panel, the refrigerator stays on using D.C. Power. I don't want to drain the battery while the boat is on land, every time I turn the main breaker on the refrigerator's compressor kicks on, I need power for the Hatch and lights while I'm cleaning the cabin.
Also, how can I power only the battery charger? It looks like it is hard wire, wondering if there is a shortcut to power the charger using an extension cord.


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    Turn the temp nob inside the refer until it clicks off.
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    My 2003 310 has the knob on the front and I also thought it would turn off. But that last click is pretty firm so turn it back past the click point and you'll be good.



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    Frig knob does turn off frig, mine was hard to get off also. You are correct, unplug charger from the boat and plug into extension cord.
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    Thanks for the comments, I needed to turn the knob more I didn't realized it wasn't all the way, I heard the click this time.
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