Vero Beach Area

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Hey- anyone here familiar with the Vero Beach area? We went down on Sunday to check out the marina there as we often visit by car first and then by boat if we like- what a nice, laid back little marina! So many of them on the east coast of FL are so unprotected. Being in a 270 vs. twin motors with a joy stick and not to mention not a ton of experience with docking in unfavorable conditions, I tend to seek out "easy" docking places. So, like the marina and probably will go there perhaps this summer, just don't know much about the area....so if anyone has been there and has any plusses or minances, would love to hear them! I also tried to find some other cruising sites that might have forums where some of these destinations might be shared and did not really come up with anything. Active Captain has some real good info about marinas, hazards on the intercostal such as missing markers or shoaling where it should not be etc. but looking for more of that local knowledge or more experienced cruisers that have the info...any sites like that anyone is aware of?
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