Faria Depth Sounder

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Bought a 2010 246 BR this year.  The depth sounder alarms at any depth.  I reset the settings but it didn't help.  I've read that I may need to replace the transducer but can't find any specs or drawings on where this is located.  I see nothing on the rear of the transom so it must be a "through-hull".  Thanks in advance for your help!
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    If its anything like my 276 it's a "shoot through" transducer located on the flat area of the hull just forward of the transom. It'll probably be a PITA to get to inside the engine bay, since it'll be directly under the oil pan.
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    My old 232 and my current 280 had the depth sounder transducer drilled thru the hull at the rear of the boat, at the flat spot in the hull. Faria's website stinks when it comes to support for older products.
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    In my experience the gauge is the more likely fault because that's where the logic circuits are.  One of mine had a recall and Faria sent me a new one.  Your transducer is likely hidden by the trailer bunks but should look like an almost flush round white plastic plate from the outside.  Right under the engine where it's hard to get at.
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