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I have two layers of white pin-striping where the top of the blue gelcoat meets the white gelcoat.  It has started to wear away in a couple of spots where the previous owner had his bumpers.  I ASSUMED that the pin-striping was added because the line, where the blue meets the white, may not be a straight and might be slightly wavy.  In the two or three 2-inch spots that have worn away, the line seems straight.  I'd like to remove the pin-striping but do not want to add it back.  Can anyone tell me what the function of this pin-striping is?  If I remove it, should the gelcoat line be straight?  Thanks for your help!!!

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    You are correct in the fact that the pin stripe gives you that clean straight line. If you remove it, the gel line might not be straight. I would consider replacing the stripe in the places that is worn away.
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    Nice looking Captiva! Love the blue.

    To remove the stripes use a 3M eraser wheel on a drill. I just removed the pin striping on my 2004 GMC Yukon XL. You can get one at auto parts stores or go to Amazon for $30 - 40. It worked like magic. I was nervous and worried about residue, damage to clear coat, plus fading. Run drill slow so you don't burn spots. I used goo gone after using eraser, then used rubbing compound to help even out blems. Looks like stripes were never there. It works like an eraser on a pencil.

    With gel coat on a boat you might need to use a buffer and heavier compound to hide where stripes were. Then determine if you want to replace the stripes or leave it and wax it!


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    Thanks for the help Cableguy and Robs!
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    Ok, I finally got the nerve to take the pin-stripping off.  I figured it had to come off whether I replaced it or not.  There is really only one spot with a little wave in the line, just behind the bow.  You'd have to be looking for it to notice it.  Plus there are two spots where the edge is a little "dotted", like paint that bled through a tape-off.  I'm not going to replace the pin-stripping.
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