does this look normal?

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I have had trailer issues,...many posts and questions on it. No real experience working on a trailer, you would not think it rocket science and I'm sure it is not, but, to me getting it right while not wanting to get off my wallet has been tough!
@212rowboat has provided a lot of info and I'd say he is probably our resident expert on trailers and he has me looking at stuff I would never have thought about. So, one thing was looking at the suspension itself when the boat is loaded. The first attached picture with the boat on the trailer got me thinking I needed to move the boat forward to level out the front and rear suspension. Not sure what that center part is called, but, you can see that it does not look level. I was looking at the trailer with the boat off the trailer expecting it to look more level but as you can see, it is worse. First thought was to pull it all apart and see if something is stock not allowing it to level out as 212 had suggested. My other thought was, in setting up the trailer suspension, might it be intentionally be set up that was so that when the trailer is loaded properly, it levels out assuming there is perhaps more weight towards the back of the boat while it is being trailered? And lastly, a picture I took a couple weekends ago while we were out at a place Hootoon Island. The water is so low in the river I had to lift the motor and get pulled by my ropes to get into the slip- how that big ol boat gets around I have no clue. The marked channel is 11 feet plus but around the banks, it is very low right now. St. Johns River. The picture of the boat on the trailer, it's hard to see but that part between the two tires usually is a bit more off level than I see in this picture but when you take the boat off, wow! Is it supposed to be that way?

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    Maybe just me, but that front spring (left looking at the pic) looks bent at the center mounting attachment point.  Badly.  I'm no trailer expert, I am fairly good with springs and that one looks wrong to me.

    The exception is if that end of the 'bent spring' is actually a slipper connection (floating) and not bolted thru a bushing like the opposite end.
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    That center part is called the spindle. They naturally pivot on their own. They are designed to basically "find center" when under load, but there is also some give to it, to allow for natural flex. I had similar concerns when I flipped the axles on my RV to gain a little more height so I wouldn't drag anything when out in the forest camping.   B)
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    Yup. Understand the flexing/pivot point there. Just that reverse bend at the end of the spring looks off. 

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    Are those axles & cross member bent, or is it just a fish eye effect from the camera?
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    Moving the boat forward or backward will also affect your tongue weight which could potentially dramatically affect how it tows.  Just be wary of this.
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    BD is all over it... 

    second pic, the rear leaf spring where it is shackled- appears bent.  

    that floating shackle has a high/low leaf eye bolt.. in the pic the leaf pack on the rear (to left) attached to the low point. the only concern with it is that the opposite side have the same orientation- meaning the rear leaf on both sides mounts to the low eye bolt.  

    in the pic, it appears that leaf has sustained a bend from the top leaf to the eye.  
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    hmmm, I really need to go back to the boat to look at it and digest what your saying @212rowboat...just to confirm, the leaf to the left is the towards the front of the trailer. I have looked at the leaves themselves and I don't see anything that looks like it is bent.  I don't see any "choices" on mounting of the springs...also, by "eye", is that the "hole" at the end of the spring where it mounts/attaches?
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    I will have to get to the trailer and study on this a bit......I hate to be able to move the boat around but what a pain...I pretty much got it for free and I see why!
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    @212rowboat so I know what I'm looking for, you said the shackle have a low / high bolt, I don't see that in my pics? Looks like a shackle with a bolt, no lower and upper..same with the floating shackle/ spindle, just a hole with a bolt through it, don't see upper and lower? So, assuming the springs are bad, is that simple (can't believe I said that) replacement of the spring back?
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    If that spring is bent, and it sure looks it. Just need a replacement spring pack. 

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    dang it, always something! Thanks for the insight @212rowboat , you know your trailers!
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