Multi-use mount on swim platform

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Haven't even got the boat delivered yet, and already thinking of tweaks and projects to "make her mine".
I have one of these fishing chairs left from my old boat:
Our 2000 FV270 doesn't have the sink/counter behind the captain's chair, so thinking of mounting it there as a spot to sit and fish over the transom.
Also have a crazy thought of mounting it on the swim platform. I will stress, to be used only when anchored in calm waters and not left mounted when underway. But I can picture it being a handy perch for fishing, enjoying the view, or even sitting at the marina having a beverage. And then I got thinking that I could use the same mount for a BBQ, or even a small table.
We have the stock moulded swim platform, no extension. I am thinking that the fibreglass top and bottom sandwiches a wood core? Can the swim platform handle a seat mount?
I'm thinking a surface mount, like this:
so I don't have to cut a hole in the platform, just the screws and 4200 sealant. Willing to put up with the "speed bump" on the platform.
Through bolting would be an idea, but not sure how to accomplish without going all the way down through all the layers and not sure I like the idea.
Anyone else tried anything similar?
"Knot Quite Shore" - 2000 FV270
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    So...nobody ever done this, or seen it done? Just too dumb of an idea? Let me have it, I'm a big boy, I can take it.  B)
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    Can't say I have.  But my platform is big enough to set a folding chair on it.  The only mount I've put back there is for my Magma Grill.  It's a screw in post and base combination.  

    If you are going to put something on the platform you'll want to consider the core.  I had to make holes that were 3/8" and fill them with penetrating epoxy, then make the 1/4" holes in the dried epoxy for the mount.  

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    I've put a grill mount on mine with thru bolts as well.  And filled in with 4200.  Not sure about the seat, but anything is possible.

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    Thanks guys. Still thinking about it. Sorry, in Florida so haven't been checking the forum as much. Went into a big West Marine in Clearwater yesterday.....wish I had a bigger suitcase!
    "Knot Quite Shore" - 2000 FV270
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