Trouble with MAG 496 DTS SmartCraft engine start

Jason23Jason23 EuPosts: 14Member


I have a problem when I’m trying to turn on the engine of MAG 496 **** DTS SmartCraft:

The main issue is that when I turn the ignition key in the first position the system starting to beep. I understand that this beeping is because the engine leg is taken off and there is no leg oil in canister. When I turn the ignition key in the second position and trying to turn on the engine, system starts beep continuously and nothing happens, engine do not start.

All system indicators are fine and working, except the monitor in the RPM indicator, which shows time, service and other stuff . Batteries are fine and charged, fuses checked – all good.

Could be that because of empty canister of leg oil?

I’m thinking, the system should let me turn on the engine in neutral position, and kill the ignition when I’m trying to put in gear.

What is your opinion? Maybe the problem is somewhere else?


Thank you for any help!


  • Jason23Jason23 EuPosts: 14Member

    Problem solved.

    Engine did not turn or because of empty leg oil canister.

    I’ve just plug leg oil canister and fill the leg oil till the mark. Beeping stopped and the starter started to run.


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