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My 270 has a Jabsco manual pump head.  All I ever had before were porta potties. The previous owner added a fresh water tank for flushing which will be nice since I am a salt water boater. Should I treat that tank with anything? Bleach maybe? I have two other questions from you experience owners. One - best chemicals to use and how do I put them in?  Just put them into the bowl I assume? Two - do I need the orange canister I have read about? I didn't see one on my boat but will look closer when I take off the shrink. Anything else I should know? 


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    If you are going to leave the fresh water tank for more than a couple weeks then yes treat it or it will stink, same with your main fresh water tank.  Walmart has an rv fresh water tank freshener and we add a ounce or two of that to our fw tank. Since that water is for your toilet flush only you would be fine with an ounce or two of bleach instead.
    find your holding tank, there will be a smaller hose around 5/8"-1" running from the top of the tank to An outside vent, that is your vent line. It may already have a filter and it may not, before the big orange they were long white tubes that look like 2" pvc. If you don't have one it's up to you, the smell you are stopping there is outside the boat. I don't use big orange, mine had a white one and I re fill it with aquarium carbon as mentioned in other threads. You can make one of these out of pvc for around $20 and then re fill yourself. 
    yes treat the holding tank with chemicals, you can just pour them in the bowl and flush after a pump out. I use the orange concentrated rv head treatment from Walmart.
    also, always use dissolving toilet paper, never home tp. Walmart has rv dissolving tp for $2.60 a 4 pack. 
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    Orange filter- my boat does not have one, as my poop does not stink. Hahaha, 
    X2 on what liberty said.
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    Liberty, thank you.  Exactly what I needed to know. 
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    I started using happy camper a few years ago and have never turned back.  It keeps the holding tank cleaner and knocks the smell down.  The deodorant treatments don't work nearly as well.  Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment - 18 treatments

    I just posted this on another thread as well.  Also helps to flush a bowl full of fresh water when leaving for the week.
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    I used to flush 8oz of mineral oil down the head once a month or so to help keep the pump parts working well.  

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    Valterra Odorlos works well for me.

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