Do I Need To Adjust My Winch Stand???

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I've owned my '10 246 BR since last July (first boat).  It did not come with a trailer so I bought a new one.  The folks at the marina where I pulled her out helped me set up the winch stand.  I think I need at least one adjustment, maybe two.  As you will see in the photos the hull does not rest completely at the front of the bunks, so I think I need to lower the winch stand so it lays completely flat.  If I am correct, then can I simply loosen the two bolts on the winch stand WHILE the boat is on the trailer?  I'm thinking she'll just settle into the proper position.  Secondly; the transom sits about 4-5 inches beyond the rear bunks.  Is this okay or do I need to adjust the winch stand for this too?  

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    It all depends on the tongue weight. If the boat feels light on the tongue, then you can move it forward. Personally, if the tongue weight is good, then I wouldn't worry about moving the boat forward. I would only do so if it feels light.
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    I think your trailer setup looks perfect. If you can slide your winch post forward you can get it to sit flush on the front bunks a little more and will bring the rear in some. The overhang at the rear looks good and is normal.
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    X2 what Cable and aero said
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