Cuddy water

All, in my Rinker 236 sport cuddy there is a small hole in the floor when stepping down into the cuddy. There always seems to be water in there.ive heard this doesnt drain straight through the hull to the bilge. Is there any truth to this? If so, where does it drain, how do I prevent it from gathering water in the future? 


  • howardramshowardrams Fairport Harbor, OHPosts: 220Member ✭✭✭
    Can't speak for your particular model but my V235 had such a drain hole in the first step molded into the floor which went out through the side of the hull above the waterline.  Those fittings are connected with hoses prone to clogging.  
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    I had a 97 280 and it had a drain in a similar spot that went to the bilge.

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  • nautipleasure236nautipleasure236 Posts: 2Member
    Ok, I found that once I poured simple green into the hole and let it sit for a couple days, it broke down whatever was clogging. I took it to the launch and let it sit on the ramp with the drain plug out and it cleared. I appreciate the comments! 
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