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Hi all
Anyone has this happened to them. I turned the ignition key on and was reading my fuel level on the Mercmonitor. The readout slowly climbs from 59 gallons to 70 gallons. This takes about two minutes to climb then slowly dropped back down to 59 gallons again. The boat was sitting in my slip level with no movement. Very interesting but should I be concern now?
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    My guess: you have a faulty fuel sender.  I have the same problem with both senders on my 2007 boat.  

    Normally, I think ISSPRO fuel senders read to the nearest 1/32 of a tank.  However, if your sender is like mine, it only reads to the nearest 1/8 of a tank.  

    What you saw today is:  Your tank level was just barely below the 6th notch (3/4 full).  Fuel movement in the tank made the MercMon temporarily read it as 3/4, and then it went back to 5/8.  

    It's easy to verify this problem.  Next time you add fuel, set up a cell phone to record time-lapse video of your fuel gauge.  It won't rise steadily.  It will hold at 5/8, then click up to 3/4 and hold, then click up to 7/8 and hold. 

    If that's the problem, replace the sender so you don't risk running out of gas because of bad data.  I bought two senders for $160 (to be installed soon).  Here's the link for what I bought, but yours will be different depending on the tank size.
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    Thanks Larea

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    @minnesota , which mercmonitor do you have? Did you change your dash? I am considering changing to VesselView 4 for my tach, but it will read everything that I need on my dash, minus the depth finder. 
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    Cable guy, cant tell you which one I have cuz it came with the boat. I have the round one in the original dash.
    2008 280 EC
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