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I have owned two Rinkers, a 2008 260EC and now a 2008 350EC.  Both of them had the dark blue hull option, and no matter what I do and have tried, I just can't keep it staying dark blue.  I have it professionally buffed and waxed twice a year trying to keep up with it.  Spending $2500 a year on exotic waxes and buffing compounds is not working.  I saw another Rinker 350 the other day, it was supposed to be tan but it was chalky just like mine, almost looked like a dull band-aid.  I decided to continue my investigation and took my RIB to go see some other Rinker 350s and 360s up close.  First one I saw was red and was a chalky mess, almost looked like red/pink, next one was blue but this person basically gave up and the boat looked like absolute ****, almost the color of light denim.  That guy was on his boat and he swore up and down about how cheap the Rinker paint/gelcoat was.  Says he loves the boat (as do I) but the Rinker family cheaped out big time on some things and the gelcoat clearcoat was the worst.  He was an old timer and owned a dark blue SeaRay 310 before this and he claimed the gelcoat difference was not even comparable.

To add insult to injury, I just pulled in to the Yacht Club in Rockport, MA.  There is a dark blue Formula 320 right next to me and the dark blue is so dark and deep and incredible I thought I could see through the boat.  It is so nice I asked him what he does to keep it that way.  He says, "Nothing, I haven't waxed this boat in over a year, Formula goes all put on the gelcoat, it even has little sparkles in it if you look closely.  My boat looks like it belongs in a dump while his looks like a million dollars.  The Rinker interior is way nicer though, his has white cabinets and the cabin looks like a hospital.

Rinker Owners Unite against Chalk!  I assume many people have this problem since every Rinker near Boston aeems to have it.

New Gelcoat?  A Boat Wrap?  Super Special Wax?

What can we do?  This chalk is giving us a bad name.


  • Liberty44140Liberty44140 Bay Village & Marblehead, OH.Member Posts: 2,796 ✭✭✭✭
    Several of us have done the poli glow system with great results. Best $75 i spent last spring, very happy. Search this site, there is a long thread on it. 
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    Either paint it or have it wrapped. 
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    Formula goes through a very expensive Imron paint process and polishing/finishing which is why their hulls are so beautiful. 
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    I would say have it wrapped in vinyl.  People seem to be having great luck with wraps and the gloss stays as long as the wrap last.  Figure a wrap every 5-7 years if you take good care it may last longer.   If you are prone to dings and scrapes along the hull I would say pass on the wrap then.   

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    Can't compete with Imron paint.  

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    I think Formula uses paint on their hulls.
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    Your comparing the gel coat to a formula. Now compare a Rinker price tag to a Formula price tag of the same size boat. The answer is in the tag lol
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    I had a 1998 232cc that was dark blue and I never did a thing to the blue hull. It was shiny until the day I sold her. I now have a 2008 280EC with a dark blue hull and it does fade out. The guy who did the blue on my hull swears by Meguiars products. He told me that the EPA made the gelcoat supplier change the formulas on the gel in the early 2000's due to the VOC content. How true this is, I have no idea. I have seen other brands of boats with faded gel.
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    @CableguyGreg and list members) I used to own a painting company. Greg, you received sound advice. The formulations for gel coat and hundreds of other paint products  have been dramatically altered due to VOC regulation.

    I too swear by Meguiars or any good carnuba -based wax. IMO the trick to retaining lasting gel coat color is to get at it right away - from factory new or it becomes a never ending chase. (I have owned three black , one red, two white and a multi-colored Rinkers). 

    There are super long and helpful posts regarding this on the Rinker forum if you use the search box at the top of this page.

    Another tip is to wash your boat with soft water or lake water (if not mineral laden) as mineral laden water allowed to dry is death to gel coat over time. If anything Rinker applies the thickest gel coat in the business and the quality they use is pretty well standard. Yes, Formula does have great paint (Imron) with graphics and color changing fades. That said a former slip mate of mine had a Formula 370 cruiser. The paint was beautiful, the fit and finish were very good (maybe a notch above Rinker) BUT he coveted the head room both in the cockpit (with fridge, ice-maker , which you didn`t have to open fiberglass doors to access - AND blender) but he absolutely drooled over the head room in the cabin, two pull-out flex steel couches and separate shower enclosure.

    The fact that I had essentially all the same mechanicals  as he (8.2 Mags/B111, Axius, generator,touch screen GPS, satellite TV, radar, etc BUT his Formula cost almost 3X as much REALLY got him.

    IMO for the price Rinkers are amazing boats.

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    Not sure on Formulas but the higher quality elite boat mfg like Hinkley or Hunt Awlgrip their boats which is why they look so outstanding and shine. If you want to spend $5k-$10k then the best answer is to have the top sides painted. $2-4K will get a nice looking vinyl wrap. And then again for $75.00 poli glow looks great and is super easy to prep, apply and maintain. All about personal choice and preference.....oh and budget! :)
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    No Chalk on this 2004 rinker.. (used surehold products to get it looking like this)

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    Formula paints the white gel coat with Imron paint.  We are one of the few trained in our area to repair / touch up Formula boats.   The best way to get a great shine if you have a chalky boat is to paint with either Imron or Awlgrip paint.  
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    Wow, awesome responses guys, thank you.  Very informative.  I indeed found lots of posts, this is a nice summary view.  :)

    Hey, just out of curiosity, what would it cost to paint a 350EC in deep blue fleck Imron?

  • raybo3raybo3 Revere MAModerator Posts: 4,506 mod
    dspan said:
    Wow, awesome responses guys, thank you.  Very informative.  I indeed found lots of posts, this is a nice summary view.  :)

    Hey, just out of curiosity, what would it cost to paint a 350EC in deep blue fleck Imron?

    A lot of $$$$$$..............Just say'n....
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    We painted a 340 Cruisers from the deck walk rail to the water line.  Including new black gunel rail and stainless insert.  The invoice was around 12,500$    Now we already had this out and on the trailer.  
  • AlswaggAlswagg Member Posts: 2,698 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Oh the color was metallic gun metal    Base colors with our metal flake would be about 1,000$ less 
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    X2 from j3ff on the Shurhold products-Buff Magic and Pro Polish.
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    That's why I bought white.....every single coloured one I saw looked like crap. A Rinker (320?) in my marine had a black wrap put over his white one looks good. I need a thruster and/or more practice I still dump stuff too much yet....lol  I love Rinker, but they do seem to be some of the worst I have seen.

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    DSpan, I have exactly same problem here with my 2006 390 and I have thrown in enough money to try to avoid spending the cash to paint it and they are painting it in a couple of weeks. 
  • DirtythirtyDirtythirty Delran, NJMember Posts: 375 ✭✭✭
    I painted mine....looks incredible and is holding up great !!!
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    debating on painting mine this winter as well. i do automotive paint touch up and minor repair for a living. the last thing i like to do is spend a whole week(in the evenings) wet sanding, buffing, polishing, and waxing(twice). two times a year. my boat is only a 250 but i will tell you it's still no fun! i've owned it for 3 seasons now and probably have 100 hours buffing the darn thing it seems like! i will say she sure as heII looks nice when shes a shining so i still think it's worth it. i will be checking into imron.
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    A 390 dock neighbor painted their boat this spring and are really happy with it. Especially not having to wax it so often.

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    I've seen the 390 that @Dream_Inn mentioned.  It's beautiful.  As soon as I got within 100 meters, I knew it wasn't a gelcoat finish.  
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    I'm sure the shine is there, what's the durability of it?
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