New to us Rinker questions.

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Hello to you all!

We've just bought here in the UK a 2008 Rinker 280ec with a Volvo Penta D4 and drive and we are very pleased with it. However, I do have a couple of questions that I hope all of you Rinker experts can answer.

At the helm position there is a panel of "fuses", or more likely miniature circuit breakers and more again at the battery switch panel by the transom door. They are a small, round, black type and I've never seen this type before. The one for the bilge pump(s) has popped and although I've cleared the problem from that circuit, I cannot get the breaker to reset. How do you do it?

On the starboard side, just by the engine hatch, mounted low down just above the deck, is a mysterious switch. It sits under a cover and is marked "Line 1". What is it for?

We have a Kenyon alcohol/electric stove and whilst we favour alcohol stoves, this one is a very poor performer. I've contacted Kenyon in the US and they were not much help and there is no UK agent for them. Has anyone replaced one with an Origo version?

I think that's it -- for now!

Regards, Nick & Julie.


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    Welcome to the form and congratulations on your purchase. The pop out circuit should just push in to reset. If not swap with another breaker maybe it's just went bad. Not sure of the switch could be for a maserator pump for the holding tank? There are a couple of guys on the form that gave replaced the cook top with electric only. It seems you are looking for a better alcohol burner.
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    Volvo D4. Great engine
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    Agree on alcohol stoves.  We had one on our 97 280 FV and it was not ideal.  I had to replace the wick, which Kenyon sent me for free when I called to try to order one. 

    Our 342 only has electric.  For times when we're on the hook and I don't want to run the genny I bought a small single burner butane stove.  I'm surprised nobody has come up with a butane option for a fixed stove.

    Good luck with your 280!

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    Welcome aboard! I have the same boat, but with a Merc 6.2/B3 combo. The Line 1 switch is a breaker for the shore power input that is on the rear starboard side of the boat on the swim platform. Per the NMMA electric codes, there has to be a breaker within X feet of the shore power input. That switch satisfies the code so you can have the selectable switch on the AC panel in the cabin.

    Here is a thread with the wiring diagrams for your boat.

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    Thanks to all of you -- especially Cableguy Greg for that really useful info.
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    I didn't know that either Greg. Thaks
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    Hello Nick
    I have 280 2010, uk dealer for Kenyon is they are slow but get the correct parts eventually. Alcohol slow but safer than gas.
    cheers Bazza 
  • NickWightNickWight Weymouth, Dorset, UK.Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Thanks Bazza. Very useful!
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