Air conditioner- 2003 342 feista vee

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Is there any way to adjust the temperature spread on the air thermostat?  My air kicks on for 20 seconds then off for a minute or 2 then back on for 20 sec.  If temp is set on 72, as soon as it hits 74 it kicks on and almost immediately goes to 73 and 20 sec later its at 72 and kicks off.  it is obviously cooling fine but is hard-on compressor to do that and annoying at night 
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    If you use the search box at the top of the page we have discussed this topic a number of times with some great advice. Depending on your HVAC unit I posted at least three pages of manufacturer's settings for the common one used by Rinker for many years.
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    Also, download a PDF FILE for your thermostat programming, print it out and keep on your boat. MT, go back to the beach lol
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    @Handyman's342 and you get back to work Steve or the next boat for sale on this forum will be yours - which you'll have to discount because of those slow, smelly diesels. Ha ha! 
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    Another trick when sleeping aboard:  set the fan to "con" (constant - stay on all the time) instead of "CYC" (cycle - turn off when the compressor turns off).  It's more consistent and comfortable for sleeping.

    On mine, the kabuki dance goes like this:

    Turn system off.
    Press and hold Power button until "P" appears
    Press Fan button 13 times until "P-14" appears
    Press Down button to change setting from "CYC" to "con"
    Press Power button to save setting

    Use the same process to reset it to CYC.
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