New Mercury Joystick Download - New Axius Joystick

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BOWHOOK -  Is the name of a new guidance program from Mercury that is part of the Axius suite of options.This feature does NOT replace SKYHOOK.  Remember, Skyhook holds a boat almost in exactly the same position regardless of current, wind or tide. This new program is a separate and different program in addition to skyhook.  This fantastic new guidance program from Mercury will allow an Axius guidance system to hold a boat in place while allowing the bow to swing into the wind or with the tide.  How cool is that! For present owners of Axius Systems there is a free downloadable. New Axius systems will have a newly designed joystick (it looks really cool) with all of the control buttons on the joystick itself eliminating the small Axius program pad that was mounted on the helm for previous Axius systems. Apparently this new program also applies to outboard systems. IMO anyone on this forum considering buying a boat new or used should look for the Axius option. I think for cruisers, certainly the bigger ones, it will make a huge re-sale difference in the future - almost mandatory, as word of its effectiveness spreads.


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    Apparently, you can also set it to drift while maintaining a constant heading ("Drifthook").  Sounds amazing! 
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    you guys and your fancy stuff.. hope to be able to afford that one day! 
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