Mid ship cabin original mattress for sale

MajorAppealMajorAppeal Middle River, MDPosts: 76Member ✭✭
Hello All, I have the original foam mattress and cover in very good condition for a 2006 rinker 270.  I will be posting photos soon. We got a new mattress at the admirals request. She wanted something firmer. I wouldn't be surprised if the original we have has never been slept on. Make me an offer, it's just sitting in the garage. I'm located in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Would probably be best to pick up given the size.


  • trip_ntrip_n Posts: 356Member ✭✭✭
    @MajorAppeal=what are you replacing with
    so...hows the boat been ?
  • MajorAppealMajorAppeal Middle River, MDPosts: 76Member ✭✭
    Getting a 4" foam, it's a high end product called quadralux or something like that sold by house of foam, a local store. Foam alone was a little over $400. Then we had to get an upholsterer make a new cover, they are still working on that, little over $200 custom made. But she's happy with it so I guess it's worth it. Boat has been pretty good. Found a good mechanic, have had a few weeks off the water for work being done but I figured that would be the case at least the first season since the boat had deferred maintenance. Made a lot of progress this year mechanically and cosmetically. Have a good feelings about next season.
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