For Sale: *****PRE-WINTER PRICE DROP***** 2012 Rinker 310 EC $101,900

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Selling my 2012 310EC 400 hours. Fresh Water. She's loaded to the gills! Axius, Twin Bravo 3 5.0 Merc, Smart Craft, GPS/Radar, Genny (20 Hours), $10,000 JL Audio system, 2 Smart TVS (Cockpit and Cabin) Fusion DVD/CD, 2 Fusion Wired Remotes, Led lights everywhere (Above and Below Water line), 10 inch custom memory foam Mattress, 2 BBQ's (Cockpit and Swim Platform), Synthetic Teak Floors, Newer Isin Glass, Big Orange Head Filter, Windlass Anchor. You name it and she's got it!! You will not find a nicer more customized 310 out there!

$101,900 obo

Currently Listed with:

All pictures are available there, you can message me directly or call 810-650-1241;

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  • Michael TMichael T Posts: 6,347Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    @JBam67, someone is going to get an awesome boat. You sure equipped it "right on". The hours are low and we all know you would have treated it like gold! Best of luck, you are going to sell someone a GREAT boat!
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    Michael T

    Thanks!! We are gonna sure miss her, but we are currently building our dream house and just will not have anytime to enjoy boating for a while.

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    @JBam67, one the nicest looking boats I have seen in a while.  Nice work.  Best of luck with the sale.  Question, how do you get your speakers LED backlit light that?
    06 Rinker 270
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    06Rinker270 Thank you.
    The speaker rings are just aycrlic and I put low voltage led light strips in them.

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    Until I saw the photos, I was thinking the price might be a bit high, but I changed my mind when I saw the features and condition.  Nice boat!
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    I love the interior colors and speaker system. Probably don't need all that noice all the time but you have it in case you need or want it. 
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    The Fusion Av750 DVD/CD head allows you 4 zone capabilities. You have the option of all zones at once or specific zones at users choice. Plus its wired to the TVs for complete surround sound.

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    I also installed an HDMI amp which allows you to watch the same DVD in both Tv's through the single player. I also have it hooked up to slingbox, which means if you have any Wi-Fi signal you can use the Tv's and watch the very same programming on the boat as you were sitting on your couch at home. I actually got the Mayweather/McGregor fight on the boat. Which preety cool seeing how the Marina Bar didnt even have it. Lol Pretty much everything related to the entertainment systems you will find on high end larger yatch type cruisers.
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    Most sellers claim Turn Key. 
    No expense has been spared on tricking out and maintaining this boat. There is absolutely nothing more you need or want on a boat than what this one has. 

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    @JBam67 that's pretty awesome with the separate zones. I like all the speakers even if you barely use them. It's like having a 600 horse power street car, there is nowhere legally you can use all that power but you have it in case a teenager in a Honda pulls up next to you with his cherry bomb exhaust 
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    @shawnmjr......HaHa I hear you. The 2013 EC 310 with its twin 350 Mags and the 2014 EC 360 with its twin 502 Mags were both sleepers. One time a 380 Sea Ray was passing us while we were in the Rinker EC 360. The captain looked at us and waved bye bye. We had a guest couple on board so I asked the Admiral, " If I take it easy on the throttles and don't wind-up the engines can I teach this guy a lesson?" The Admiral (geez I love that gal), said "Go ahead Michael, spank him."  Of course you know what happened. It was over so fast I hardly had time to enjoy it but our guests sure did. When we got to the marina for the night - after a couple of drinks - my buddy made sure nearby Sea Ray guys heard the story. Don't fool around with Rinkers or Hellcats it will just be embarrassing for you.

    I have taken up enough space here but I may have posted an event on this forum years ago, of my younger years wherein I had a pink slip race with a guy in an Emmerson Fitipaldi Scarab with HP twin 502s and I smoked him in a Rinker 190 with a HP 383 running 390 HP through a Bravo l with drive showers and custom blueprinted Indiana propeller prop. Oh Yeah - Rinker owners......better to leave those guys alone!
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    I wish you could take care of it for 2 more years till I'm ready to buy it!  Lol.  This is a beautiful boat.  
  • JBam67JBam67 Algonac, MiPosts: 109Member ✭✭

    I wish I could keep it forever. But With building the new house I need to sell it quicker than later. 105,900 is just a starting point I'm willing to look at all reasonable offers.


  • Michael TMichael T Posts: 6,347Member ✭✭✭✭✭ have done an amazing job. I predict it sells soon - just too good a deal to take a pass on.
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