Dash Accessory Switches Rinker 360

Can anyone tell me what the 3 accessory switches on the lower right of the dash control?  Pics attached.  The previous owner made lots of changes and as far as I can tell these 3 switches don't control anything on my boat.  I have radar, a MFD and a fishfinder/sonar but they are controlled by the electronics switch.  Thank you.


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    If it's like the 342, they are provided for future expansion.  

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    270 has one extra, those probably are extras. Mt had one thought he might speak up. 
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    ......@randy56, was trying to remember. My options were all wired-in at the factory, but you're right - I should have remembered - isn't that sad, it's just been gone two years and I am forgetting the helm layout! Geez!
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    Yes, looks like they are wired-in, which makes me think that the factory or PO had set them up for something, which no longer exists.  I'll have to trace the wires, ugh.  Thanks gentlemen.
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    The blue wire and the black wire are for the lights that turn on when you turn on your nav lights. The one on the right is blank. It has power in, nothing out. The middle one is more than likely prewired for a washdown pump. If you don't have one, it terminates in the engine room. The one on the left is probably for a swim light. If you don't have one, it will also terminate in the engine room.
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    @Cableguy Greg . Resident wiring genius...... :)
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    He is good A , even has the schematics to prove it. 
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    Cableguy, I am seeing quite a few blue and black wires.  Could you describe the wires going from left to right on the 4 boxes.  Thanks very much.  It doesn't seem like there is a way to get behind the dash to trace wires, unless there is a panel in the aft cabin that I can remove and get in from underneath.  Fun and games. :)
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