95' 265 Fiesta Vee Seat Removal

rumsey636rumsey636 Posts: 3Member ✭✭
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The back of the seat adjacent to the cockpit step seems to be broken or very weak.  I would like to remove it while boat is winterized to repair over winter.  How do I access the screws that hold the seat in place?


  • pault1216pault1216 Indianapolis, INPosts: 188Member ✭✭✭
    As I recall, my '92 260FV used velcro. My 2000 270FV was velcro and a stainless hook system. No screws.
  • rumsey636rumsey636 Posts: 3Member ✭✭
    Really, Velcro?  Where is the Velcro; attaching seat to cockpit floor?  Could you explain a little more.  Can I see this from the rear-facing compartment? I'm not at the boat now so I'll need to wait to look.
  • pault1216pault1216 Indianapolis, INPosts: 188Member ✭✭✭
    Are you talking about the "L" shaped lounge seat on the port side? I do not have any photos of the seats on my '92 260FV.
  • rumsey636rumsey636 Posts: 3Member ✭✭
    Yes.  I found another discussion on the forum where the person talks about how the seat cushions are velcroed to the base and once you remove them you can lift the back off.  It is the back I need to repair.  It is weak and bends backward from people grabbing it to step up into cockpit.
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