Pulled the boat and polished her up

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Well, it was gloomy yesterday, and I didn't have the time to go up and enjoy our boat for a few days, so I took the day to polish her.  First off, this still freaks me out watching them lift a 12,000 pound boat into the air.

The boat was pretty much a mess.  I was talked into carnuba wax last year, and I am going to say that I think that is what caused this, but maybe I am wrong.  Both sides are a disaster in oxidation.
I used Buff Magic to compound the hull.  This stuff is great.  
Before and after

The Buff magic polished it up really nicely. Now, where I ran into an issue was with the polish wax.  I tried Pro polish by shurhold.  It lost the gloss!?!? What?  Hmmm...Tried several things, hand only, hand apply/power off, power apply/off.  All bad.  Went and bought NuFinish, and I liked the results better.  $20 for pro polish and I hated it.  Not sure what happened, because the shurhold company is great usually.  I think I still have some starbrite somewhere...I think I will try that next visit.  

But, either way, it looks blue again, which is a good thing!!
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    Great stuff and nice pics. Here's a link that helped us when we were researching the best way to restore our Rinkers navy gelcoat. It's a process but it holds up over time. Ours looks great and the tropical sun is bit more intense than those friendlier rays you get way up there.

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    I had the same exact issue with the pro polish on our blue hull.  Buff Magic worked great then the pro polish turned it back to what the Buff magic fixed.


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    Very nice!  & if it makes you feel any better, the fork lift in our marina moves around even the 360's!  Talk about a bit of weight! 

    She looks great & I give you guys a lot of credit with those blue hulls!

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    Great job....Looks awesome
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    I did the same this year with our blue 360. The random orbital didn't do the trick so I used a rotary buffer with buff magic. It came out good. I used pro polish which wasn't bad but I found that you couldn't use it at high speeds or when the hull was real hot. I was only mildly impressed with the pro polish. End of season I'll use presta. Your boat looks great.
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    I use Meguirs Premium Marine and Meguiers polish.

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