Contura Rocker Switch Information

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Hello Guys and Gals ................

Every Once in while, someone pipes up with a question regarding the dash panel rocker switches. If you are like me, the switches are fine, but the actuators are faded beyond any hope of reading. I happened upon a source for both the switch bodies and PRINTED Actuators.


PRINTED ACTUATORS $2.25 each !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Switches - Carlingswitch Contura II - Manufacturers Web Page (Detailed Information)


Digi-Key has a good selection of V-Series switches in stock

Available from Allied Electronics, approximate cost $7 - $14 each
These stock units have RED & GREEN LED illumination vs the incandescent switches provided from Rinker.
Switches come in various circuit configurations

Switch, Rocker, V SERIES, Lighted, DPDT, (ON)-OFF-(ON) $14.10 ea MOM - OFF - MOM

Switch, Rocker, V SERIES, Lighted, SPDT, ON-OFF-ON $10.10 ea

Switch, Rocker, V SERIES, Lighted, SPST, (ON)-NONE-OFF $9.98 ea MOMENTARY

Switch, Rocker, V SERIES, Lighted, SPST, ON-NONE-OFF $6.87 ea

Available from Newark Electronics
A little more expensive, $13 - $20 ea, but some different circuit configurations.|gensearch&Ntt=CARLING|v*&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial


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John & Kathy

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Good,  fast,  cheap.... pick two. 
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