What battery does volt meter check?

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Trying to learn as much as I can about my new to me 2008 Rinker 330 while under shrink wrap till Spring.  Concerned about monitoring battery health when on the hook, so I'll have an idea when I need to fire up the genset.  Boat has 4 batteries: genset, house, 2 engine.  The surveyor described my battery switches as, 

"House and Generator Battery switches are Blue Sea Systems On-Off Operable.
Engine battery switches are Marine Electric Battery Switches with a Voltage Sensitive Relay Module for emergency starting. Operable."

Does the 12 volt meter in the lower right of photo measure only house battery voltage (the most important for what I want to know), or does it measure any combination of all 4 batteries, which would depend on knowing the combination of switches on or off at any given time (useful to know)?



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    I am sure that others will chime in, but I would say that on that panel, it measures the house batteries. The ones at the helm measure the engine batteries.
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    That's how it is with my 310, when on shore power you can see on the panel the charging bump up the voltage as expected.



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    yes, it is house battery.  You can actually turn your house battery switch off and see the meter go to zero.

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    Good.  That's what I was hoping.  Thanks guys.

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