1996 rinker 265 viesta vee with 7.4 mercruiser, bravo 2 outdrive seawater pum question

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So during winterization the other night, I removed the raw water intake ate the seacock shutoff and placed it in antifreeze in a bucket per recommended, and started the motor, it didn't suck any antifreeze in. In the past I remember my mechanic telling me my boat doesn't use the rabbit ears, rather that for running on land using a water hose connection to it, when not in water but the boat also wound up with water in the cylinders after he was done, so I'm wondering if he was forcing water in and that's what caused it, but I also read that the raw water pump should suck in about 30 gpm, is anyone familiar with this? Does it suck water in the bottom of the outdrive as well as the seacock? I'm just getting to know this boat, last year my mechanic charged me over 800 for winterization, this year it's at my house. I poured antifreeze in there til it came out around the exhaust, none came from center of the prop, but when I took the hoses off the risers, there was antifreeze in  those, as well as coming out of both drain plugs. Should this cover my motor block or anything else from freezing? I'm 100 percent confident my fresh water system and toilet, etc is good, any input would be appreciated.


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    Mine has a Y in the intake hose.1 for the seacock and 1 for the drive. Seawater pump can get to 30 psi don't know about 30 gpm. It's at 8 psi at idle. 
    2005 Rinker FV342  Pawcatuck river,Ct
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    I would also assume that water flow is measured by gph not psi. Psi is a good measure for compressed air or fluids. It’s also a good indicator for burst call out.

    in your case you need to pump loads of freeze to see anythin come out of the center exhaust. Trust some did but it would never flood or puddle.
    anyway your setup has a engine driven water pump and it draws water from the leg of the drive.
    when you by pass you need constant flow of antifreeze from
    a bucket or a container into the infeed side of the raw pump.
    most bravo setups won’t have a thru Hull water pickup. Inboards,v drives do because There is no lower leg.
    now to answer your engine question. We need to know if it’s a open or closed cooled boat. Do you have single drain system for winterizing or drains on exhaust manifold and on each side of the block?
    if so you need to check those.
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