need help to know connection rinker 182 electric panel

 Good night from Spain, I need help to connect the ignition loaves of a rinker 182. A year ago I bought one and I am completely restoring it and I do not have a photo or anything to make the connection of the piece and everything works. I hope someone can send me a photo to know fuses that also uses that piece .. thank you from Spain. the piece is "Plastic Boat Breaker / Ignition Switch Panel 41094", I will send photos of the new design and modifications of the boat, there is no other one like it in Spain when I dread total installation and finishes. Summer 2018 new engine 3.0 TKS.


  • chamberbchamberb Member Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
    From the description each lead connection seems pretty straight forward. Will require tracing some wires if you don’t know which each does already. 

    Features the following illuminated rocker switches: (1) On/Off Blower, (1) On/Off Bilge, (1) On/Off/On Nav/Anc. Also has (5) push-to-reset white breaker buttons, (1) red push-to-sound horn button, and (1) 4-position inboard ignition switch with 2 keys
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    Buenas tardes desde España ... Me gustaría saber si hay alguna opción para cambiar la placa de identificación del motor, mercruiser 3.0lx. de mi propiedad ... bueno, está muy deteriorado y me gustaría saber si puedes y dónde solicitar una nueva ,,

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