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has anyone tried the Mystic brand marine oil in their i/o boat?  what's your opinion on it? 


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    No, but where's @212rowboat ?  One of our resident experts on all things petroleum ...
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    I think @212 recommended Mystic at one point? 
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    We sell Mystik oils.  Have been selling and using Mystik for 9 years now.  Excellent oils.  15w 40. Is what we sell and use the most of. Oh Synthetic oils.  Citgo makes Mystik oils 
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    mystik is good stuff for a group one or two.   very good... to the point it's economical to run it for half to three quarters the interval of pinky in the air stuff, and just swap it more often...  

    my new engine has merc dino in it.  i'll run that up to the 20hour mark and do a UOA, and decide then whether to jump to syn (group 3 or 4) or stick with a good dino- like mystik- and just change it more often. 

    in OTR heavy trucks, they swear by it- and have the data to back it up.  you can literally buy it by the barrel for the cost of maybe three cases of mid/high end syn, and- just change it more often, right?  

    drifting my wake on this? :) 

    however... end of season is another matter.  i'd either swap more mystik and add a good additive high in polyboron (or is it borat? :) ) to adhere (shear) to hard parts and displace moisture (condensation), or... use either a high quality marine syn OR a high quality CLASSIC/ANTIQUE CAR oil- those two are similar, but the classic/antique may have the edge for this purpose, as those cars SIT a LOT, and aren't ran that much.... which means oils formulated for them have a very high (the highest) shear (clinging) power of all in readily available oils.  put that stuff in- turn the motor with the coil wire pulled- charge the lifters dripping over the valley and splashing under the skirts- boolahkasha (more borat) you just protected the engine's internals for the long recess (or is recess what we do with our boats?- i stay confused.... i digress.. don't ask me nuthin... i get too confused too easily.)  :)
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