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Looking at a 1995 Rinker Fiesta Vee 265.   Dealer said they smelled fuel after they took it as a trade in.  He said they probably took the engine out to get the fuel tank dealt with when my wife asked about it.  I asked for an invoice for the work etc and he emailed me with an in-house invoice.  It shows a fuel tank below deck install of 27 gallons?  I did ask about a plastic holding tank that was on the port side and he said it was a fuel tank, but I thought he was confused and it was a holding tank of some kind.  He confirmed it was a fuel tank.  I'm smelling something is not right in Denmark?  I
don't believe they pulled the old tank at all.  I also see this model should have a 75 gallon tank?  Can anyone confirm that for me?   And any advice is appreciated.  They're asking $9995.00 for it.  250 hp motor or so would go through 27 gallons pretty easy.  Don't want to fill up all the time.  Anyway, appreciate any Rinker owner advice.


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    There's no way the fuel tank is 27 gallons.  The plastic tank is probably a fresh water tank.  The dealer is confused.

    Do not buy this boat without first getting it surveyed by an independent surveyor.  You can find a list of surveyors on boatus.com.  The cost of the survey will be more than paid for by using the survey results to negotiate price.
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    Oh, and - welcome to the forum!
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    Thank you for the welcome and the advice.  I have a message to a surveyor today on that.  It's a 27 gallon plastic tank on the port side.  I thought he was confused as well until he sent me the invoice today where it lists a MOE 32627 FUEL TANK BELOW DECK 27 GA for $571.20.  The only reason we noticed the tank was a big brass blank on the end of an aluminum line that was going to the original tank below and in front of the motor.  That's when he told of the fuel smell etc.  I'm seeing other posts of Rinker's with fuel tank issues as well.  I think they saved some money and did the shabby job.  He skipped my request for a surveyor and said I could come talk to the mechanic who did the work at their in-house location.  Think I'll do that and follow up on the surveyor.  If they don't agree then I think they're pulling a fast one.  Appreciate the help!
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    Just looked up MOE 32627 and sure enough it confirms it as a below deck fuel tank 27 gallons.  I think I'm gonna pass on this boat and save the cost of a survey on a better selection.  Thanks again!
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    Good choice
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    Welcome to the forum.  I think you are making the right decision about passing on the boat. Something just does not sound right.

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    That seems awful small for a fuel tank.  My old 280 carried 120 gallons of gas in 2 60 gallon tanks.  I would expect a 265 to carry at least 75 gallons give or take.

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    for sure...to many good ones out there, just have to sort through them.
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    My 2000 Rinker 242 has a 75 gallon fuel tank in front of the notor in the "V" of the boat. I'm thinking this is where your original tank is. If the tank was leaking it would explain the fuel smell, and why someone added a " non original equipment " tank. 27 gallons is about 1/3 the size of the original. I would pass on this paticular boat. 
  • LaReaLaRea Alexandria VirginiaPosts: 2,666Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    If the OEM fuel tank failed and they fixed it by adding a 27-gal plastic tank, don't walk away ... run away.
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    If I understand this correctly, the water tank was replaced by a wholly inadequate 27 gallon fuel tank because the original bilge mounted tank failed, but it's still in the boat. If gasoline fumes are present, this isn't so much a boat, more like a bomb waiting to go off. Take LaRea's advice and RUN!

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    I remember the old saying for fuel: 1/3 out, 1/3 back, 1/3 just in case. 9 gallons of fuel will not take you very far out.
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