Considering a QX23

hello everyone, new guy here.  I am contemplating a Rinker QX23 Bowrider and would love to hear from some current owners on how happy they are with their boats.  I’m contemplating other brands as well, but something keeps driving me back to the QX.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Brian 


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    Brian - we're not ignoring you ... there just aren't many QX owners here yet.  

    In terms of generic advice, the general feeling of people on this forum is that it's always worth spending extra for an engine upgrade.  A QX23 with a 350-HP engine would be an absolute rocket ship!  Of course, it adds $6k to the price, but it also helps resale value.  

    What other makes are you considering?  Rinker has a long-standing reputation for strong hulls and lots of bang-for-the-buck.
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    If that boat has a hull design like the 232, it would be a great boat. I had a 232 for 13 seasons and I sold it to upgrade to a cruiser. I agree with getting the 350 hp engine package. If you end up with her, be sure to post some pictures of her. Not sure what trailer is under her, but if you have a choice, consider a Trailmaster. They are custom built for the boat. 
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    I agree with the comments above.  I've seen the QX and they are really great looking boats!  I know there are one or two new owners on here.

    Welcome to the forum!  No matter what brand you get, we are here to help you out!  Lots of great useful general boating information here! (& great people too)

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    While 350hp would be badass, my 276 cuddy (now the QX 29) gets along decent with a 350 Mag / Bravo 3, which is 300hp. Top speed in the low/mid 40's (GPS), and 2-3mpg.

    I'd say the 300hp/ B3 would be a great power package. Also make sure to get the full enclosure and toilet, it makes life so much better with kids and women. Well, I've been told it makes it easier with kids anyways. LOL
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