Chicago boat show.. Whos going

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Chicago boat show starts on Wednesday at the McCormick place if anyone is going they have some good seminars going on. Wife and I are going to Miami International boat show in Feb 15. Went last year and had a ball and looking forward to some warmer weather.


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    We will be going!! Cant wait to see the Rinker Display.  Staying at the Fairmont Friday and saturday night
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  • SeaHareSeaHare Posts: 135Member ✭✭✭
    Rinker had a nice lineup... The only boat that did not impress me was the 320. It seemed so small. The back sleeping area is child size. I like the modern look and new technology but as far as functionality, my 01 310 is head over heals better IMHO.
    I was really impressed with the Formula PC310. It was amazing, but of course came with a price tag well north of 300k
    01 FV 310, 5.7s carbed, B3s
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    @Seahare, I agree with you on the newer 320/310s.  The older ones (2000 - 2008ish) are soooo much larger inside!  We have a local formula dealer & I always drool over their boats, but then see the price tag that brings me back to reality.

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    Real cool boats I looked at was the Cutwater and Ranger tugs that are decked out for reasonable money. Well laid out interiors with glass doors and radar, gen set and all the toys. One had a pair of Yamaha 300 four strokes on it. 50 mph..
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