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was at the Toronto boat show today. Rinker has a great showing. Nice 370 and 320. Was in at 10:00 and out by 1:00. It was getting really busy. Nice show


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    Going next Saturday. Happy to hear there's some eye candy to see.
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    Yes there was but also a good mix of everything. Lots of oversized and overpriced bow riders. I just couldn't see paying over 2k for a bow rider.  A really nice 39 Cruisers Yachts . Don't want to say too much and spoil it for the ones that are going. Ha ha. 
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    Heading to the show tomorrow morning. Almost feels like Christmas Eve. Have a list of goodies I'm looking for and a list of insurance reps in attendance to get some quotes arranged. Looking forward to seeing the Rinker displays. According to the website there are 8 models being shown: 370 EX, 320 EX, EX270, Q7 , 26 QX CC,
    22 MTX CC, 21 QX and a 18 QX Fish and Ski.
    Want to see the 3 cruisers/eye candy of course, but will check out the rest too.
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    On our way! Decided to take the commuter train from near where we live to the show. Just recently started weekend service. About the same amount of time as driving and no traffic or parking to deal with. Can have a leisurely lunch and some "refreshments" at the show with no worries. Admiral likes that I won't be able to fill the back of the SUV with goodies! :D
    Will post pics of the Rinker's later.  
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    WARNING: Long post with lot's of pics.
    Sorry, took until this morning to get back with a show report. Had a little too much fun at the show yesterday. Bars set up everywhere. A scary combination, after a few pops I was almost convinced to drop a Grand on a deposit for a new swim platform. Wiser heads prevailed (Admiral was there) so instead we just chatted and took the info. Anyway, what follows are the many pics I took, mostly Rinker related but some may meander around our journey to the show.
    Started off with our train ride into the city, and then the Admiral demanded a lunch stop because she knew once we got to the show I wouldn't want to stop to eat. Pics of our arrival at Toronto Union Station, very historic building.
    Across the street, the Royal York Hotel, our favourite overnight spot in the city.
    OK, just one more off-topic pic, and then on to the show.
    Here's a pic of my "Brunch", a Bloody Caesar with lobster tail, slice of pizza, bacon, veggies and a cheese/olive garnish. I show it because not only was it astounding, but helps explain my happy mood at the show! 
    And now, the Rinker display! Check out the massive 400 HP Merc Verado on the back of this MTX!

    More Rinkers!
    This booth was a cooperative effort between Walker Marine and Central Marine, the two big Rinker dealers in Ontario. Central is in Midland on |Georgian Bay and Walker is down in the Chatham area near Lake Erie. Had a good chat with Daryl Bates from Central Marine. You could tell that after 9 days of watching people crawl all over the new boats these guys were getting tired. Great guy though and I tried really hard to deal with them when we bought our 270 last spring, but unfortunately they just didn't have what we were looking for at the time.
    Here are some pics of sales flyers. Prices in CDN so discount by about 20% for USD.

    The 320. I have to agree with some of the other posts, nice boat but was surprised at how tight it felt below deck. And no separate shower.

    The 370. Boat had been sold, so weren't allowed to board. Unless you could really convince someone that you had $400 G's to burn and wanted one.

    The 270. Nicely laid out for the $$ but I have to admit that my old 270 feels a little bigger below deck. I think because the new model has wider counter spaces and cabinets.
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    Post was getting long, so here's the rest. A few more Rinker shots, but I have to admit the longest lines to board were for the big Ranger Tug (the Eastern Canada dealer is a marina just down from ours) and the two big Sea-Ray's. We didn't even bother waiting in line to board, figured there's no use looking at something we'd probably never own unless we won the lottery.
    But....the BIGGEST crowds and longest lines, and most highly anticipated display at the show....I present.... TWIGGY the Waterskiing Squirrel!
    Couldn't even get close enough for a good pic, but here's a promo video from a link on the Boat Show website:

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    Yeah I will gladly stay with my 50G 342. 
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    Looks like you had a blast, Love all you did to take us to the boat show. And down town Toronto. 
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    Thanks for the pix!  In conclusion, new boats are expensive compared to used boats.   Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.  
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    I will admit I love the interior and colour scheme if the new 270. Maybe look for one in 5 or 6 years when the first owner wants to change and the price is right. 
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    Toronto is a beautiful town and I love the brunch! Great pics of some sweet boats, The Ranger tug and Cutwater are real cool boats, well laid out.
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    Awesome pictures!! Thanks for taking the time to share as I feel I just went to the show and saw exactly what I wanted to!! Except I couldn't get a real good taste of that lobster, nor do I feel the effects of the bloody Mary! :)

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    Not to take anything from @diggin2day1 But I found this awesome cutting board from a Starboard supplier at the show.  $15. Could and should have took the 2 for $20 deal. One for the boat and one for the house. I think it just covers the sink on my 270. If I have to I'll glue on a couple of pieces to hold it in place.
    A good place to sit the coffee maker. They had them from cut off ends to highlight their business. Prices for Starboard look good. If anybody in Ontario wants the contact let me know. Also able to replace the smoked lexan in hatches and portlights. 
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