Wife's Christmas Present!

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I wanted to buy my wife a Waverunner for a few years now and decided to look around for a good deal at the end of the season last year to give her as a Xmas gift.  After about 6 weeks of looking and negotiating I landed a awesome deal.  I was trying to buy one but ended up with 2 practically new ones after some smooth negotiating and bringing out the big guns in a negotiation, Ole Franklin!   

One is an 05 the other an 06, both are Honda Aquatrax turbos with GPS. One has 50 hours the other 62.  I went through them top to bottom and even test rode them in the frigid waters before closing the deal.    Cant wait to get out on the lake this year. Now I need to find a couple floating docks for behind my boat!
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    Can you still get parts for them?
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    Man they sure like nice!  I remember you buying them and hiding them away for xmas!  I'd love to have a couple if there was someway I could keep them at my dock at my marina (but I know the marina would make me either separately slip them or pay to keep on trailer at marina, and that would be a pain)....oh well, enjoy them soon!!!

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    Yeah right, buy "for the wife" :wink: And magically end up with a deal for 2 but she'll only need one!  :D Smart man.

    Well done!



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    What ever, wife's Christmas present! good score, ben's do it every time. If the wife is happy so is everyone else. 
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    My R12X is dead. Got water in the engine, thought I got it out, now it's all frozen up :( completely trashed I guess. 
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    that would be like buying a crock pot for my wife for Christmas- at least she can't throw a jet ski at you!
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    I swear, it really was for her!! LOL.   She doesn't get really excited about much, she for the most part just goes along with what i want.   Seeing her on a friends Jetski a few years ago was eye opening.  She had the biggest smile ever, she had so much fun that entire day.  Since then i have wanted to buy her/ us one, i have the boat, but a ski she can go out with her girlfriends or we could go get quick lunches before starting our next day boating.  Anyhow, i have wanted to pick one up, but our boat has been getting rebuilt one part at a time for a couple years...lol    Well, finally the opportunity came by!     

    Honda stopped producing water toys around the recession and they have been known to have some problems with poor maintenance.  On the other hand, there are plenty of guys on the PWC forum who have over a thousand hours and they swear they just are getting broken in.  Its like anything else, proper maintenance and some tic toys last along time.  These guys have only seen storage for the most part.  But it appears they were constantly maintained even in storage.   

    Jeff, sorry to hear about yours.  I had a 2002 or 2003 Honda R12x ( my last wave runner) It was a blast!  These are the same but 3 seaters.  I hope to prevent anything like that happening.  What happened, how did water get in?

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    My marina says we can store them at our boat slip for free if we launch on thursday/ friday and pull out sunday.  Otherwise, for $500 I can put ski docks behind my boat and keep them in all year.  I am looking for a couple floating docks

    2003 Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee, 350 Mag MPI, Bravo 3 2.20:1 w/ 22p 4 x4 props

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