Windlass cleat too small for anchor line

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Okay because it's still winter I am planning the things I will need to do to my 270 once the shrink comes off. One weird thing I need to address on my boat is this: the cleat in my anchor locker and both bow cleats are too tight to get my anchor line tied to them. I can force it under the cleats but it isn't really on there. When I anchor in quiet coves I just let the windlass hold the boat but would rather cleat it off. Does anyone else have this issue?  Is there access to the back of the anchor locker cleat that would allow me to through bolt a bigger cleat?  Another thought is some sort of bridle I could attach on the bow cleats then use a prusic knot to attach my anchor line. Any ideas are welcome! This can't be unique to my boat. Maybe a previous owner added a thicker line to the anchor? 


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    All the cleats have locknuts so getting access to the underneath is crucial
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    Thanks Handy. Can't get to the boat until the shrink comes off in April. Just trying to get a handle on my options. 
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    The end of my rode has the strands separated and is braided around the cleat in the anchor locker. Above deck I use a short length of line with a Prussic knot to cleat off and not put pressure on the windlass while at anchor.
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    I would think the prusik knot to the bow cleats would work.  I use a 15ft of line, tie the knot to the rode, then to each bow cleat.  Let out the rode until it's resting on the bridle/cleats.  Use whatever size line fits in your bow cleats.

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