Subwoofer in a 260EC/EX270.. where should it go? Is there a factory sub option?

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So.. I've searched, and other than posts about putting a "sub in a box" in one, I cannot find any info about a subwoofer in a 260EC/270EX.  I was thinking about adding a 10" sub to the boat and am looking for advice on where to put it.  Where does the factory sub option (is there one?) go?

I found a deal on a JL audio sub amp (new, no refurb):

If I have the depth, I would get the "good" JL 10" (infinite baffle model).

I've also debated just paying "Soundwaves" to come and choose it all for me.. but that's not me.

-=Mike G.

2014 Rinker 260EC

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  • Cableguy GregCableguy Greg Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 3,458Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    On my 280EC I mounted an 8" sub under the U shaped seat in the rear of the boat on the port wall. It is right next to the hatch and there is a lot of depth there. If I get a chance, I will try and grab a picture for you. There is enough room for a 10" sub there.
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  • NoemergnseaNoemergnsea New Brunswick CanadaPosts: 7Member ✭✭
    Im going with 2 kicker 10's under the engine hatch seat. Bought them already.. if they dont fit im going to make em.. I will likely post pictures in May sometime when the project is complete.
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    OK... makes sense.  On the 260, there is no ledge there.  I'll have to take a look around once I take the shrink off.

    Thanks for the pics!

    -=Mike G.

    2014 Rinker 260EC

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