Volvo penta belt

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Hi guys, I'm after some advice... I have recentley had my belt, tensioner pulley and idler pulley changed by my local volvo dealer as it was squealing. When replacing them they noticed the bracket that holds the tensioner pulley was cracked so also replaced that for me. When the bill came they have charged me 8 hours Labour to complete the work. This seems really high to me. I was expecting 3 hours at top! Just wanted some advice from you guys before challenging the bill tomorrow. Engine is a 2005 volvo penta D3.


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    I’ve done that myself on my 2006 merc 350 and it took me a couple of hours, and it was my first time. Not sure if a Volvo is a lot more complicated but 8 hours seems crazy. 
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    Wow, that seems extreme!  I am not familiar with Volvo setup, as I've really only worked on Mercs.

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    I have always had mercs which is why I was seeking advice but I'm sure the job could have been completed in 2-3 hours especially by a volvo penta main dealer. Is there a website that quotes the main dealer recommended Labour rates for specific jobs that I could use for a guide?
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