Fixed/not fixed/FIXED!!: Leak where windshield frame attaches to hardtop / arch

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[EDIT:  Read down and you'll see that my first repair did not work, but a later repair did work.]

I sealed a leak at the aft end of the windshield frame, where it attaches to the hardtop.  It's probably common, so I'll share.

Symptom:  Rainwater collecting under the trashcan and ice maker.
Cause:  Failed seal between the windshield frame and the hardtop. 
Solution:  Sealed with 3M marine clear sealant.

The windshield frame has a slot for attaching canvas hardware.  I took out the trash can and used a towel to dry off the plastic tray under it.  Then I poured a bottle of water into the slot.  Sure enough, some of the water found its way into the boat.  As I was cleaning out the slot with a cotton swab, I discovered that I could poke the swab right in through an unfilled screw hole (second photo).  

I filled the end of the slot with 3M marine clear sealant.  While I was at it, I touched up the seal between the frame and the hardtop.  It seems to have worked, but I'll know for sure after it rains tonight.  

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    Definitely worth taking a look! Thanks!

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    Yes good catch
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    You’ll find the same issue directly below that where the windshield frame meets the arch attachment to the boat. 

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    SUCCESS!  My attempted repair from 2018 did not fix this hardtop leak, and now I know why:  the real leak was at the bottom of the window, not the top.

    The side window fits into a short piece of metal track that is screwed to the base of the hardtop.  At the bottom, where the hardtop meets the hull, there was a gap allowing water to leak in.  Easy fix:  Remove the side window, remove and reseal the track, reinstall window.  

    The side window has to slide forward, which means the curved windshield has to slide forward.  I was able to do this by removing 4 of the 5 windshield screws, and CAREFULLY pulling the windshield forward.  

    This is the track on the port side after removing the side window.  

    With the track removed, you can see there's a gap in the fiberglass where they cut out a flat spot to attach the track.  Any water that gets in at the top can enter through this gap.  

    And at the bottom, there's big fat gap that gives water a straight shot into the boat.  I can't imagine why they didn't seal this entire area, but I attacked it with a tube of 4200.  

    This was a relatively easy repair.  It took me about 3 hours for both sides.  Since then, it has rained twice, and the area under the ice maker is 100% dry.  
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    Great fix!!  I'm sure this varies with each individual boat and all need a decent dose of 4200.  Some got better doses than others.  I need to replace the side blower vent covers again.  The plastic don't last long, but wasn't sure I wanted them to be SS and noticeable (and have to polish).  Nice find!!

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    Thanks for the post.  I've been getting some mystery water in my mid-bilge, port side after it rains.  I narrowed it down to somewhere around the arch/window connection.  She's under wrap right now but I'm curious to see if I have the same root cause.
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