New gauges for my 270 Fiesta Vee

Kaptain_KenKaptain_Ken Babylon, NYPosts: 61Member ✭✭
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In my never-ending quest to spend money on things I don't really need, I'm thinking of replacing the gauges on my 2000 270 FV.  Faria sells complete sets and they look as though they are direct fit replacements.  All I would have to do is add in the Trim gauge.  These have a stainless trim ring which I much prefer over the original gold trim.  I can get a stainless cover for my still functioning 3500 depth finder so it would be a nice match.  I was thinking of the Faria Chesapeake SS KTF003 which has the standard speedo or the KTF064 which has the GPS speedo.  Anybody have any experience with these?  Or know what the stock illumination color is on them?  I'm leaning on converting it all to blue.  But then everyone seems to be lighting their boats in blue these days.  Meh.
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  • Kaptain_KenKaptain_Ken Babylon, NYPosts: 61Member ✭✭
    This is the KTF003.
  • DarkHawkDarkHawk Posts: 3Member
    Post pics when you complete this. I like the black face gauges. Interested to see how they look. 

  • aconthelakeaconthelake Kelowna, CanadaPosts: 4Member
    I would be interested in buying your old gold rimmed tachometer if it still works. Is it a Faria or Teleflex? Does it look like this?
  • Kaptain_KenKaptain_Ken Babylon, NYPosts: 61Member ✭✭
    Yeah that's the one.  And it works perfectly.  But I already wrapped the boat for the season.  I purchased the whole set of the Faria Beede above with the GPS Speedo and a separate trim gauge but didn't get to install them before I wrapped up for the season and the boat is high and dry at the marina.  Wont be until the spring.

  • cmelt2003cmelt2003 Holland, MIPosts: 72Member ✭✭
    Well, any update?
  • Kaptain_KenKaptain_Ken Babylon, NYPosts: 61Member ✭✭
    LOL!  My boat is still wrapped.  House is under construction.  Superstorm Sandy damage, if you can believe it.  I told marina to put me at the back of the list.  didnt want the boat at the house any longer without electricity, water and with construction equipment lifting the house any longer than necessary.  They should be unwrapping this week.
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