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On this forum we share the well made and beautiful as well as the not so well made and not so beautiful. This post regards the latter. 

The following is my opinion and may not reflect all products of the manufacturer.

To be fair I have probably been spoiled by the oem manufacturer of Rinker trailers. I have had four new ones. Every single one was essentially flawless in appearance and performance.

No so with the trailers just purchased by my friend and I for our identical 2018 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHOs.  Yes, it was only a PWC trailer but that said it was their top model completely optioned-out as in led light package, shrink wrapped wiring, torsion bar suspension, radial tires, spare radial rim and tire with locking trailer mount, winch post with articulating wheel:  About US $ 1,2300.00. So not cheap, right.

To be fair I don't know who scr*wed some of the options up - as the trailers were shipped from the U.S. to Canada and delivered from a Canadian staging point..... but I assume the factory was responsible for a fair number of concerns. At any rate both the American and Canadian distributors are selling product for the same company.  My trailer showed a pretty poor job of the cutting of the box members - lots of jagged areas. Cut myself on one right near the winch post that I probably should have gotten stitches for. The starboard fender was cracked.

My friend's was worse. My galvanizing job was a C his was a D-. Mine did nor arrive with either the mounting post for the spare or the rim and tire either. That took over four weeks to arrive. My friends arrived with the rim, radial tire and locking mount BUT tires on the trailer itself were the wrong ones - biased ply. As well, one of his led light boxes was damaged. To top it off his trailer wiring is completely out of whack. We have spent hours trying to trouble shoot it. We think a brown/green combo wire is reversed somewhere in the frame. My guess is it will be faster to just pull new wire everywhere and re-wire it from scratch.

Long story short - two trailers delivered weeks apart both with missing parts and and having non-working parts and some areas that are quite poorly constructed 

BTW - if the wiring connections were shrink wrapped they are a new invisible type. The brand we purchased was Load Rite. We call them Load Not Right.

Was our experience indicative of all of the company's product? I have no idea, but based on this experience I can not recommend this manufacturer.


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    Mass production. 
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    I wonder how much of the trailer selection is the manufacturer and how much is the dealer.  I was surprised at the trailer we got with our SeaFox center console.  It's made by Venture.  I see them on several boats from the dealer that sold us the boat.  

    I had a Bayliner (don't judge) 18 foot bowrider and it's trailer was adequate.  This trailer seems taller and longer than really needed for an 18 foot boat.  It's also made from aluminum I-beams and has surge breaks and a 5 pin light plug, which my last small boat trailer did not have.

    So just like cars, boats, and most everything else, not all trailers are created equal.  

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    Alswagg said:
    Easy to get spoiled by the high quality Trailmaster trailers.   
    You are correct. I love my Trailmaster trailer!!!
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