yes, i can change it

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hi their this is psuedobot
2003 Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee, 350 Mag MPI, Bravo 3 2.20:1 w/ 22p 4 x4 props

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    I’m in .... great idea 
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    Great idea.
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    Hey Wild, definitely makes sense for me as our boats are under 10 miles from each other. I don’t have hour meters so it would be great to get a snapshot of true hours and compare my oil and temp gauges to reality as well as do an overall check. Would be of value to me to rent at some point. 
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    The software has a few tricks up it's sleeves too.  

    We can monitor each year the output of the raw water pump and stay ahead of it wearing out.  

    Fuel Injector Test

    Code Checks

    See Faulty Sensors

    Spark Fire Test

    Idle Speed Test

    Injector Kill Test

    Actual Engine Hours

    See Max RPMS and how long engines have ran at each level of rpms  

    And a lot more in addition to all of our ECM data and Graphs.   

    2003 Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee, 350 Mag MPI, Bravo 3 2.20:1 w/ 22p 4 x4 props

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    That is a very generous opportunity for many.  We spend on average $1,200 per year on diagnostic software and equipment.      
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    Count me in, like @Liberty44140, I could swim over!!

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    @Wildboating I'm lucky enough to have a friend close by with one.  But you could make a few bucks programming people's port motors when they want to add vessel view.  It seems all the ECMs are set to starboard.  When I did my VV install my friend was kind enough to change the setting on my port ECM.

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