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I have a Rinker Captiva 232 and have lost the pole to the table. I tried ordering online and the table I received is super wobbly in the top and bottom pieces. Anyone have this that can post a pic of the brand and part number so I can order another? Or anyone know where I can order it? I’d hate to order the wrong one again 

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    Welcome aboard! has a lot of OEM replacement parts.  I see they have some of the poles.  You'll want to measure the diameter of the receiver in the floor and on the bottom of your original table to get the right one.

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    RV parts places have them too.

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    Also try Cascade Depot. I believe you may have had what they refer to as a "Stowable" pedestal. C.D. has several lengths, 25" 27" 29", etc. 2-3/8" out side diameter, tapers to 2-1/4" each end. Look under tables then select pedestals from the drop down menu. If it matters, they are manufactured by Springfield Products.
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    Thanks guys! Apparently we have a 232 not a 292.  My bad. I bought poles and the bottom base at an RV shop. The pole was wobbly so we bought a new base and then it didn’t fit in the hole in the ground. I called the one bug us and they said they only have one size. I think we do need the 2 1/4” tapered pole and the one we got is 2” and that is why it wobbles. I looked at the Springfield website and there were so many choices! If anyone has the same boat/pole and can post a pic of part numbers that would be awesome. The table top is a round one with 4 cup holders I think if that makes a difference 
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    I custom made a pole. Gave an aluminum metal shop the top of my table, and an old pole so they can shape the bottom. It fit perfect. If you don't have the old pole for the bottom, can you unscrew the seat from the floor?

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