specs for a rinker 240

I have a 1997 rinker 240. looking for all the specs? can anyone help?


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    What spec's you looking for? Need more info. What type of engines do you have?
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    The  97 Rinker 240 Fiesta Vee I just bought is listed as 24 feet, 4800 lbs dry weight. I would like to know how much the fresh water tank will hold and how many gallons of fuel.  Crazy that finding info on older boat is so hard to find. The Rinker book I have is generic to cover lots of models so it doesn't help much. Rinker people are too busy catering to people who have bought the high dollar new boats and keeping them happy.
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    I still have not found the fuel tank specs for my 92 235 fv. I have never let the gauge drop below a half tank. No idea how accurate it is.  I got an estimate by googling other Fiesta vee 235s for sale on broker sites as they list fuel tank capacity usually.  I found listings of 30 to 45 gallons, im assuming brokers go by sellers info so its safe to assume exact numbers can be off. I believe your model replaced my boats model in the production line, the weight is nearly the same and about a foot difference in length wouldn't have added much room for too many more gallons.  These were never designed as long range cruisers or off shore fishing vessel so id venture to say yours is in the same range of fuel capacity.  

    Calling rinker directly may yeild an exact number.  

    Fuel tanks usually have a data tag on them, sadly i can't seem to find mine anywhere.  Its original to the boat so that means its past due for a replacement.  Its scary that pulling the motor is the easy part of a fuel tank replacement of these boats. 

    I notice zero diffence in towing whether i have half a tank of fuel and half tank water storage or both tanks full. I have a noticeable port side list if the water tank is even half empty
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