what P/N for my exhaust elbows?

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Well, getting to the end of my saga, transom asy back on and no leaks, yeah! So, getting ready to get the motor back in...I know I need to replace the exhaust elbows. The area where the boot goes on is very corroded and crumbling. I'm am closed cooling but very confused looking at the parts manuals if mine is wet, cool, on and on...thought the serial number nailed that down but apparently not. It is a 2006 MPI motor, serial number is 864309T02. Here area couple of pictures.....the risers don't look bad at all, not much on the exhaust portion or where the water goes through...yikes, the risers look much worse when I throw up a picture! Anyone help on the elbow part numbers and the risers, it that just different heights? But they have to match the manifold holes too.....

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