Rinker 260 EC Raw Water Hose replacement at Transom Bravo 3

I removed the old water hose at the transom assembly but how the heck do you access the Water Inlet housing behind the engine and transom to get the new hose insert screwed in?  It is virtually impossible to reach your hand back there and I have yet to find a tool that will fit to unscrew the two screws on the water inlet housing.  Seems that Rinker/Mercruiser would make it a little easier to change a darn water hose without having to remove an engine to get at it.  Any suggestions, advice??


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    It's a Merc thing, not a Rinker thing. There are a few mechanics on here that might be able to give you some advice on how to do it without pulling the engine.
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    Really? It’s a simple hose clamp takes a 5/16 nut driver.  Slide the hose off the elbow.   Why are you replacing the hose?   Remember it must be a reinforced hose 
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    Unless you have really, really small hands, you needs to partially disassemble the steering rack.  I just did this at the beginning of the summer and it sucked big donkey, you know what.  However all hope is not lost if you don't mind not using all original Merc parts.  After my install was complete I learned of Hardin Marine's solution.  They use the same fitting on the outside as OEM, but on the inside it's a stainless fitting and gasket.  Seems like a much easier solution.  Other companies make a similar item as well you just have to search for it.  Good luck.  Here is the link to Hardin.

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    Make sure you clean out the assembly where the hose goes real good it makes the re assembly go a lot easier and use some soap also 
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    That is an easy removal on my 342. Did not have to disassemble anything. 

    For the hose you are replacing. Make sure it is the ‘new’ one with the hard plastic end going towards the transom. 

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