Replacement Tachometer for 2001 270 FV - 5.7L Mercruiser

aconthelakeaconthelake Kelowna, CanadaMember Posts: 15
I have just purchased the above boat and noticed the tachometer is stuck at 2,000 rpm when the engine is off.  With the engine running is just goes up from there and so reads much higher than actual.  The previous owner said I should just tap it (as he has for several years) and it goes back to normal operation, that is reading from 0 and up.  I tried and it doesn't.
Looking around it appears to be a Teleflex (now Seastar or Sierra). They seem to come in Black or silver, not gold bezel.
So Im looking for a new Premier Pro Gold bezel (black face) 3" 0-6000 rpm. Does anybody know where I can get one or get the old one repaired.  I noticed on the forum that this is not unusual but didn't see any specific recommendations for suppliers/dealers.


  • reneechris14reneechris14 Pawcatuck river CTMember Posts: 3,134 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fairra Beebe in CT will repair the tech $125. There is a member selling his set up now on the forum. Use the search in the upper right corner. Welcome to the forum.
    2005 Rinker FV342  Pawcatuck river,Ct
  • reneechris14reneechris14 Pawcatuck river CTMember Posts: 3,134 ✭✭✭✭✭
    2005 Rinker FV342  Pawcatuck river,Ct
  • aconthelakeaconthelake Kelowna, CanadaMember Posts: 15
    Thanks for the pointer re the other member. My clocks aren't Faria but Teleflex (now SeaStar or Sierra). Have written to them and waiting for an answer. Great Lakes Skipper says the Gold Bezel is not available.
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    My gauges are the silver with the chrome bezel....and my tach just started sticking at the end of this season...
  • aconthelakeaconthelake Kelowna, CanadaMember Posts: 15
    I got hold of Seastar Solutions who seemed to have acquired the old Teleflex clock designs.  They manufacture a Premier Pro Black which is the same clock but with a black bezel, not gold. It appears that by special order, they will put a gold bezel on the clock.  They pointed me to their Canadian importer, who gave me the name of a nearby dealer.  So I have special ordered the gold clock which is due in in early January. I’ll let you know if it works out. This is what it should look like: 

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    They don't seem to ever work right anyway...mine never has and I have bigger fish to fry....
  • aconthelakeaconthelake Kelowna, CanadaMember Posts: 15
    So I called into a local Marine dealer.  After trying a silver Faria clock that didn't work, they checked the Great Lakes Skipper site (that I had previously checked and they told me that you can't get gold bezel anymore) and there was the exact tachometer I needed.  I ordered it, it arrived 2 weeks later, installed it and it works perfectly.  So how comes GLS had it when a dealer checks but not when I checked and why would they tell me you can't get gold, and then they stock it?  Weird, but sorted.  Thanks all for input.
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    Can't find good help. I just had a parts counter guy tell a customer he couldn't get a cub cadet belt because rotary and stens didn't have it. Thankfully I over heard the conversation and checked my oem supplier who had over 80 in stock at a sub 5 day ship. 

    I have certain commercial customers who will only deal with me for parts because of such issues and I only have the time for a few commercial customers. 

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