1994 260 Fiesta Vee 7.4 Mercruiser has water leak and overheating problem- HELP!

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I have had two different mechanics work on my boat for an overheating problem.  The first said it was an impeller problem and focused on the port side area of the engine.  I came to learn that the impeller is on the front starboard side of engine and had it replaced, though it did not look all that bad.  I still have a water leak coming in from the rear port side of engine, but have no idea where it is coming in from.  I think there is an exhaust hose down there, but neither mechanic has resolved the leak.  I've now paid almost $1,000 to diagnose the problem, without a fix.  Are there any maintenance manuals available for this boat?  Anyone?


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    Pick up a service manual for the engine/outdrive.  There is no maintenance manual for the boat per se.  

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    I'd say you need to go back and get them to provide what you've paid them for - a diagnosis. Overheating can be impellers and thermostats but other items. The leak could be many items and if they are proper marine mechanics should be able to identify for your $1000



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    Agree- and it sounds like you better start learning your way around the bilge! Get the service manuals for the transom and engine. There are a couple of different methods of engine cooling and you really need to know what you have. You could have a leaking hose or you could have a leaking transom assembly. Sounds like an older boat and could be both! That is a lot of motor crammed into a little space, not familiar with a 260. It is hard to tell where water is coming from if it is in the back of the motor. As far as your impeller, you can't tell a thing looking at it unless it's broke and then you know what to do. You can have wear in your pump housing, scouring, which will stop the impeller new or old from holding pressure and drawing water. You can have other restrictions in your system, the water pick up hose coming through the out drive is a good place to start there and is apparently common even on newer boats...google bravoitis and I'm sure you will see some pictures pretty quickly what I'm talking about. You just have to methodically go through this boat- you did not mention how long you have had it, ....history is what you need.
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