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I own a 342 Rinker Fiesta Vee and need to fix a soft spot on the port side near the windshield. I have heard that this can be very costly, up to $15k, as the entire headliner needs to be removed and will take months to fix. I have also heard that the work can be done myself by removing the hatch above the kitchen sink, removing the rotten wood and filler put in.

Any insight as to what the best option is?! Is this something that I can do myself and if so what is the best material to replace the rotten wood?


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    First you need to fix the leak
    you can also Inject the soft spot 
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    Hard to say without a better description of the damage.  How big is the area, and where exactly is it located?  How soft?  Is water leaking inside the boat?  Can you partially remove the headliner and examine the damage?  Maybe post some pictures here?  
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    There was an old thread where a forum user did just that on a 270.  Removed the headliner and replaced the coring material.  Don't think it took that long..just messy.
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